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About Webhosting1

Webhosting1 is a WordPress website that provides free Webhosting services to any interested person. We are able to provide this free web hosting service because of our collaboration with a generous web hosting company.

You will never be asked for credit card details with this free service.

Our clients can register for more than one free Webhosting package. However, each package will require the purchase of a domain name.

We also provide low-cost domain names at this link.

Our free Webhosting package includes:

about webhosting1

One WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular website management system on the planet. According to Kinsta (2021), WordPress is used by 14.7% of the world’s top websites and 500+ new sites are built on its platform each day. These statistics speak volumes about its reliability.

Added to that, the WordPress developers are constantly fixing bugs and releasing new updates for greater security and efficiency.

WordPress is highly customizable for dozens of website types. This is possible because of hundreds of WordPress themes (facades, skins) and plugins which are software that add various functions.

Dozens of websites types can be hosted by WordPress include:

Online stores.
Coupon websites.
Directory websites.
Auction websites.
and more.

250 MB web space

This is a considerable amount of storage space for website files. A website with 250MB of storage space will do well without running out of space if one post is published daily.

Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth is related to the transmission of data from a website to users at any point in time.

Bandwidth values determine the speed with which a website is able to serve or deliver content to its visitors during peak traffic times. This is important for sales and for delivery of content.

When bandwidths are high, website owners can have more dynamic features and content on their websites. Narrow bandwidths limit these capabilities. (WP Beginner, 2021).

Unlimited databases

The database of a website refers to the software that organizes and stores its data like posts, user’s email addresses, and plugin files.

Our WordPress web hosting service uses a database management system called MySQL. In reality, you only need one database per webserver since only one WordPress website will be installed.

Unlimited email accounts

Our web hosting service also includes unlimited email addresses. This is an advantage for all business owners as you can customize your email addresses to fit the website name.

Free SSL

SSL is a feature that allows for the encryption of data that is exchanged between you and your visitors. This service is provided by Let’s Encrypt and can easily cost hundreds of dollars per year.

Although free, Let’s Encrypt is very reliable. This service is auto-renewed every six months on our systen.

Free tutorials

Our web hosting service is intended to be all inclusive. As a result, we provide tutorials on topics including:

– Domain name purchase.
– Accessing the webhosting server.
– Configuring the webhosting server.
– WordPress installation.
– Website business ideas.

Add on services and products

We carefully select add-on services and products that will enhance your online experience. Many of these will be free.

about webhosting1

What is webhosting?

Webhosting is an internet service provided by various companies on the world wide web. These companies provide storage space and other features for website files.

The result is that individuals and organizations are able to make their websites accessible online. (Wikipedia, 2021).

Vision of Webhosting1

Our vision is that individuals and small business owners around the world will establish an online presence in order to generate income and share their interests.

Mission of Webhosting1

Our mission here at Webhosting1 is to provide free or low-cost WordPress web hosting services and tutorials to those who are in need.

Objectives of Webhosting1

Our objectives at Webhosting1.xyz are:

1. Provide free and/or low-cost Webhosting services and add-ons.

2. Provide related tutorials to help our valued clients to install, configure and customize a WordPress website.

3. Refer clients to other useful and related services in order to enhance learning and usage of our basic Webhosting service.

Webhosting1 site is dedicated mainly to beginners and intermediate users who want to begin or advance their knowledge of webhosting.

We will show you how to use a free Webhosting package to launch an online business.

Webhostng1 – services

Domain name registration – low cost.

Webhosting service – free.

Members are provided with a Free Web Hosting Panel with ONE WordPress installation when a domain name is purchased through us with our partner Name Silo (coming Soon).

1 Free WordPress website and webserver..

Website monetization.


Free products.

Free Custom WordPress websites.

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