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Originally posted 2021-12-08 00:20:45.

What is an autoresponder plugin?

An plugin is a software that is installed into to automate the process of:

– capturing email addresses from website visitors.
– entering the email addresses into a list of subscribers.
– adding a sequence of messages to be sent out at prescribed times.
– sending out messages to your subscribers.

Are autoresponder plugins important to website owners?

Yes, they are for several reasons:

– they are important communication tools that save time so that you do not need to contact dozens of subscribers using your phone.

– they help you to build a relationship of trust and keep you in touch with your subscribers.

– You can send all kinds of information to subscribers including information designed to educate, product updates,

Most importantly, research shows that email marketing is a very lucrative way of earning income online.

Autoresponders that can be built right into WordPress

There are several plugins for , but this one called MAILER DRAGON is FREE.

Mailer Dragon is an email marketing plugin. It allows you to send email newsletters and also has an feature.

autoresponder plugins

Features of the autpresponder plugin called Mailer Dragon

1. The email news letter allows you to create email newsletters to be sent subscribersber.

2. The autoresponder feature allows you to obtain email addresses and build mailing lists. Email addresses are captured with a sign up form shortcode or widget.

3. When creating a new email you can adjust the message delivery filters as follows:

– Send emails to subscribers that subscribed on certain page, post or any other post type.

– Send emails to subscribers with selected roles.

– Send emails to subscribers who subscibed to a form with custom parameter – [subscribe_form custom=”my parameter”]

– Send emails to selected users.

Mailer Dragon email devivery frequency

The autoresponder is set to deliver mail every 5 days (if there is one in the queue).

You can add as many emails to the queue as you want without the risk that your subscribers will get a ton of emails at one time.

Mailer Dragon with continuously send emails from your newsletter queue at a defined delivery rate.

The default settings guarantee high email delivery. However you can easily adjust all the newsletter delivery parameters to your specific needs.

Mailer Dragon newsletter feature

Add the [subscribe_form] shortcode to any page or post or use the Subscription form widget.

Go to the page with the form and subscribe with a test email.

Check your inbox for subscription confirmation email.

Use the confirmation link to confirm the subscription.

Go to WordPress Admin > Newsletter > Add New and create the first welcome email.

Go to WordPress Admin > Newsletter. You will see your newsletter list there.

In the Next Submission column you will see the time of next delivery. Wait for your welcome message!

If something doesn’t work as you expected it, just go to WordPress Admin > Newsletter > Settings and adjust it to your needs.

NB: Check the terms and conditions of your company as some of them do not allow sending of email OR place restricitons on this feature.


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