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Originally posted 2021-08-06 01:19:09.

High demand niches

In today’s post, we’ll discuss high-demand niches. When defined by keyword search results from Google and Keywords Everywhere, a high-demand niche is:

– trending.
– untouched niches.
– very profitable.
– Note that the accounting niche came up in the search.

We spoke in a previous post about guidelines for conducting niche in order to understand how to structure content on our .

Unearthing longtail keywords.

How to find top longtail keywords

Ideas for creating a high demand niche website in the accounting niche

When a search is done on Google, questions people ask can guide as to the kind of accounting needs that people have.

Some sites can provide leads or email addresses for accountants as a service. This is big business online:

Where are accountants most in demand?
Which area of accounting pays the most?
What is the best specialization in accounting?
What is the future demand for accountants?

Google trends result for the accounting high demand niche

I did some exploration on accounting over at Google Trends. This field would be of interest to accountants who could write on their expertise, with a focus on the keyword results.

I went over to Google Trends and typed “accounting” in the search bar. That took me over to the results page. I did not make any comparisons, but applied the following filters:

– Country – United States.
– Time – Past 12 months.
– Category – Business and industrial.
– Web search.

Google Trends provides important information that aids website owners. You can also adjust the filters to suit your needs and make comparisons to determine which keywords are most used.

Figure 1: 2020 – 2021 Interests For The High Demand Niche Keyword “Accounting”

The results show that accounting is an evergreen occupation. Accountants never hang up their hats.

Searches for the term accounting remained steady throughout the past 12 months. Searches fluctuated later in later 2020 but peaked around tax season 2021.

As a rough estimate, monthly searches range from between 300 to 400. These numbers seem small, but accounting is a high-paying industry.

Persons offering specific services on an accounting website would make a good income with smaller numbers of clients. This principle also applies to occupations like dentistry, chiropractor, laser surgeon, eye specialists, roofers. The list goes on.

Other trending search results in the accounting niche

Once you have reviewed the data, go further down the page. If you are doing local marketing, the geographical region in which the keywords are searched might be of interest to you.

Scroll further down to the related search terms. Usually, Google Trends returns the top 25 results if they are available. As you can see, the accounting niche has one breakout search, and a few others with percentages over 100.

I selected the top 10 searches since they ranged from 70% and over to Breakout. I know that people are using these keywords to search for accounting.

I will then take these keywords over to my tool to obtain further specific data on the traffic value, competition, CPC, and other metrics.

Figure 2 – Top 10 trending searches related to accounting

online masters in accounting aacsb – Breakout

erp accounting systems – +350%

premier accounting+- 350%

accounting certification programs = +300%

accounting staffing agency – +300%

accounting and finance degree – +140%

accounting jobs near me – +140%

accounting certificate programs = +120%

bachelor of accounting – +120%

bachelors in accounting – +120%

high demand niches with low competition

What kind of websites would be best suited for these kinds of trending results

The search results give us an idea of the kinds of high-demand to design. I selected the top ten results which ranged from 70% to Breakout.

We see that there is a breakout of searches in the area of “Online Masters in Accounting AACSB.” This kind of content is great for review websites that provide searchers with information on top Accounting Master’s degrees at different universities.

Of course, you would need to find an affiliate marketing company program that offers this kind of service.

These kinds of interests lend themselves well to the following kinds of websites:

– Create review sites related to accounting schools, careers.
– Job board websites related to accounting – one could register as an affiliate of job sites. There are WordPress job plugins to facilitate posting.
– Produce general information and other content on accounting and services that are specific to the top searches.
– Answer questions about accounting, taxes etcetera.

Remember to conduct additional searches to determine search volume, CPC etc at Ubersuggest.com or Google Keywords Planner.

In this video, Freetrepreneurs uses a high – volume, low competition approach to keyword research

List of other high demand niches

This list is intended to give an idea of high-demand niches on the market. it is not complete. You can conduct additional searches in order to expand your knowledge and find other areas of interest:

Anger Management.
Aquariums & Supplies.
Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment.
Get additional ideas here.

Keywords Everywhere tool for high demand niche research

Keywords Everywhere can be installed via Google Chrome as an extension. The version gives keyword ideas that people are looking for.

The keywords show up on the right-hand side of the Google Search Engine when keyword searches are done. These keywords can be entered into other tools for additional data like search volume, CPC etcetera.

WordPress plugins to create content in high demand niches

You can explore the following that can help you to create great content:

My Curator Content Curation.

Interactive Content – H5P

Web Stories.

Google Keyword Planner for high demand niche research

Google Keyword Planner is the keyword tool created by the world’s leading search engine. Here’s a video tutorial that should provide greater detail.


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