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Originally posted 2021-06-12 10:21:45.

How to check for propagation of a domain name

In this video, how to check for the propagation of a domain name will show you how to use a tool to determine if your domain is live online.

This tool is referred to as a DNS Checker.

Propagation of a domain name definition

Domain name propagation is the process whereby the domain is registered with nameservers or websites across the Internet which are part of the Domain Name System. When this process is complete, the webserver on which the domain is hosted will reflect the domain’s DNS record (Xneelo, 2021).

The DNS record of a domain is also referred to as the zone files. When you log in to the server, they may be referred to as ZONE EDITOR. These DNS records or Domain Name System Records are instructions that are registered authoritative DNS servers.

These DNS records provide information about a domain (Cloudflare, 2021).

This information includes IP address associated with that domain and maintain the domain as a “live entity” online (Cloudflare, 2021).

What is DNS or Domain Name System?

Domain Name System or DNS in the language of the internet includes protocols that connect domain names with web servers or panels. When a domain name is purchased, it is usually accompanied by its internet address. This is referred to as the IP address (Kinsta, 2021).

An IP address consists of numbers. However, humanly speaking, it is easier to remember words. Therefore, IP addresses or numbers are linked to user-friendly names called domain names.

The example below shows that it is much easier to remember a domain name than an IP address. For example, the fictitious domain name below is linked to its equally fictitious IP address:

IP address – is linked to https:://

Examples of DNS records of a domain

Here are some of the most common examples of DNS records for a domain, according to Wikipedia, (2021):

A Record is connected to a 32-bit IPv4 address. It is used most commonly to link the domain name to the IP address of the host web server.

AAAA record is an IPv6 address record . which is connected to a 128-bit IPv6 address. It is used mainly to link the domain name to an IP address of the host web server.

CNAME is an alias of the domain name. It will look up the domain name if the A name record fails to connect the domain to the IP address.

NS or Name Server is the DNS zone on which the domain name is found. It is like the air space in which an aircraft flies.

TXT record is the machine-readable text that allows search engines to find the domain.

How do you check if DNS is propagated?

A DNS Checker tool is used to determine if a domain’s registration is complete in all of the nameservers worldwide. It can take between 30 minutes to 48 hours for the process to complete.

A demonstration can be viewed in the video included with this post.

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Common domain name terminology

Domain Registrar

One example is Name Silo. This is the company that sells domain names and facilitates their registration.


When a domain name is purchased, it has to be registered and stored in websites called nameservers. These are located around the world.

Nameservers store all of the domain names in the Domain Name System (DNS). One is therefore able to check the availability of a domain name prior purchase against the available records.

It is therefore not possible to register the exact domain name, or at least extension, like dot com, twice.


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