How To Find Top Longtail Keywords For Your Niche

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Originally posted 2021-07-07 13:34:08.

How do I find top longtail keywords for my niche?

This post will be a practical one in which I will demonstrate how to find top longtail keywords for your niche.

As a reminder, a is a phrase consisting of two or more search terms in the niche of interest. The keyword is more likely to rank in the search engines where then are more words in the phrase.

Use Google search engine to find the top 10 searched keywords in the niche

You have a niche interest and want to discover the top keywords that people are searching for. One easy strategy is to use the Google search engine:

– Go to

, Type in your interest.

, Hit enter.

– The search engine will give the top ten searches for your interest.

– The results are located at the bottom of the page.
– Note that the top search is GENERATOR.

– Is this a profitable niche? We do not know as yet.

– if the keyword is profitable, one can start a NICHE website called GENERATOR.

– On this website, you can share reviews about various tools in the market that find longtail keywords. You can actually test them out if there are free versions or trials to see how good they are.

Use this link to check if anyone has a website with that domain name.

– In fact, that domain names with some good bargains. You should be really excited by now because there are dozens of generator tools on the market with commissions for affiliates.

– Note that results for keyword value and profitability are not returned using this method. We will do further research to determine their profitability.

how to find longtail keywords for your niche

Use the “People also ask” section on page one of the search results

After retrieving the top 10 search results in your niche, scroll back up the page to the PEOPLE ALSO ASK section. These questions will give you additional information on what puzzles people about the niche.

Answer these questions on your website when you are writing content.

Save all of the results in a notepad or file and use them later. The questions are particularly important when writing posts on your website. People asking those questions are likely to find your content.

Add all of those keywords and questions to the TAGS section on the right-hand side of every post that you write on your site.

how to find longtail keywords for your niche

How do I find keywords that are related to any of the top 10 in my niche

After you have identified the top searched keyword of interest, the next step is to identify top related keywords.

Why is it important to find top related keywords for the main keyword of interest?

Finding related keywords to the niche keywords is a simple and easy process that is called:

– Grouping.
– Categorizing.

Grouping of keywords provides related content in the niche

The process of grouping keywords is really a simple one. Grouping provides you with meaningful and related content.

Why do you need related content?

Content that is related to the main keyword provides you with information on what kinds of content and products to add to your website.

Adding related content raises the value of your website and adds the image that the website is an authority on the niche.

When visitors arrive, they will stay longer as they follow the relevant, related content trails that you provided for them.

This means greater engagement and possible sales. structure on your website. In other words, when people visit, they won’t want to leave because you have provided just what they are looking for.

Here is the simple step by step process to finding related longtail keywords

1. Go back to the keyword search results on

2. Click on the first of the Top 10 search results.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page you are taken to.

4. Copy the Top 10 keywords into a note-pad.

These are valuable keywords that you can use in blog content to provide additional relevance for visitors. Note that we do not yet know their monetary value, but we do know that they among the top searches.

Related keywords for the niche longtail keyword generator

This list of keywords gives content ideas for a niche website focused on longtail keyword generators.

how to find top longtail keywords for my niche

WordPress longtail keywords finder plugins also features a number of plugins that are longtail keyword finders. These are useful once you have already established a website and need top searched keywords to include in posts.

It is important to include top keywords in posts because people are looking for them and can find your content.

Do the following to find these tools:

– Go to
– Click on PLUGINS.
– Enter KEYWORD in the search bar.
– Read the details and test.
– I’ve tested one for you, so read on.

how to find top longtail keywords for your niche

Google keyword Suggest

Google Keyword Suggest is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress longtail keyword generator plugin It finds the top ten searches on page one of the Google search engine for the desired keyword.

You can determine its accuracy by comparing the results with those we extracted directly from Google Keyword Suggest is very accurate.

To use:

– install and activate the plugin.
– Go to NEW POST.
– Go over to the upper right hand of the post area to find the GOOGLE KEYWORD SUGGEST work area.
– Enter the desired keyword.
– Click on Find Suggestions.
– Add the relevant words from the keyword list to:

Post title.
Post headers.
Post tags.
Post categories (if this is a new category on your website).

how to find longtail keywords for your niche

How to use the longtail keywords once you find them.

Here’s the list of ten longtail keywords that I generated for this post using Google Keyword Suggest,

long tail keywords

long tail keywords finder

long tail keywords generator
long tail keywords etsy
long tail keywords are quizlet
long tail keywords seo
long tail keywords amazon

Divide the keywords into two lists

Divide the keywords into two lists – relevant to the post and not relevant to the post. You only need those that are relevant to your content:

Relevant to this post

long tail keywords
long tail keywords seo

long tail keywords finder

long tail keywords vs short tail
long tail keywords generator

Not relevant to this post

long tail keywords etsy
long tail keywords are quizlet
long tail keywords amazon

Another plugin is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin for WooCommerce & WordPress.

How to determine the profitability of your niche keyword

It is important to generate top searched longtail keywords for your niche. Once a niche or longtail keyword is selected, one needs to determine if it is profitable.

Some experts recommend that niches and/or their keywords should meet be the following criteria. The keywords should have:

– low competition – a value of 60 and under.
traffic at least having a minimum of 300 – 10,000 monthly searches.
– Cost Per Click with a minimum value of 0.80 cents.

We need to use a keyword tool to extract this information. We will use Ubersuggest, which is free.

Go over to, and type your longtail keyword into the search bar. Click ENTER.

Wait for the results.

Keyord search value of longtail keyword generator on Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest shows that the keyword longtail keyword generator is slightly difficult for search engine optimization, but not too far above our desired value of 60.

SEO difficulty of longtail keywords

SEO difficulty indicates the competition of the keyword in organic search. Organic search refers to people finding the keyword by typing it into a search engine.

Therefore, SEO difficulty in essence indicates if there are many websites are using that term to attract people who search for the term. I think that we can use this keyword as the SEO is fairly close to our highest bar.

Paid difficulty of longtail keywords

The paid difficulty of 33 indicates that competition for the traffic is not hard. Paid difficulty indicates the competition among advertisers for this search term. Not many people are paying on advertisements for this keyword, so we are safe.

Pay Per Click value or profitability of longtail keywords

Cost Per Click of over $8.00 is a good indicator that this keyword is very profitable.

We can monetize the website with Google Ads, write great content around the niche, attract organic traffic and generate some income.

Keyword results for longtail keyword generator

Longtail keyword generator has reasonable search volume. However, search volume is very low for “free longtail keyword generator” and “longtail keyword generator free.”

These two keywords could be targeted if the niche is highend, for example, if the CPC was in double digits.

longtail keyword generator





how to find top keywords for your niche

Five keywords related to longtail keyword generator

Click on RELATED to obtain data on related keywords. Only two are of any particular value.

While the CPC on free longtail keyword generator is over #3.00, this keyword might be too challenging for a beginner. This is because the search volume is fairly low.

how to find top longtail keywords for your niche

Visit youTube for tutorials on Google Keyword Tool.


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