How To Install A SSL Certificate On Direct Admin

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Learn how to How To Install A FREE SSL Certificate On Direct Admin

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This tutorial shows you how to Install A FREE On Direct Admin. Internet industry standards dictate that all websites should conduct business under certain security standards.

Websites that meet these SSL standards have a lock next to the domain name in the browser. That lock says that it is safe to exchange information with the website.

SSL certificate defined

According to Norton, (2021), or Secure Sockets Layer is a digital certificate for websites. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a synonym for SSL (Cloudflare, 2021).

The certificate authenticates the site and also encrypts connections between clients and the site. Authentication means that the website owner has provided proof of ownership to the certificate authority. On the other hand, encryption means that transactions are protected and remain private and secure.

Encryption of websites is referred to as HTTPS. The prefix HTTPS will appear before the domain name on All websites with an SSL certificate.

SSL certificate benefits

SSL certificates verify the identity of website owners. These certificates establish authority and trust in the conduct of business in the online arena.

SSL certificates also verify that information submitted by the website visitor will be encrypted. Examples of data that can be encrypted with an SSL certificate include:

Medical records.
Legal documents.
Login information.
Telephone numbers.
Credit card transactions or bank account information
Personal information including name, date of birth, and address.

How many types of SSL certificates are there?

There are various types of SSL certificates. They include:

– Single Domain SSL Certificates.
– Wildcard SSL certificates.
– Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (MDC).

A single-domain SSL certificate is installed on a single domain. The certificate cannot be issued to a subdomain of that domain or any other domain.

Wildcard SSL certificates are installed on a single domain and its subdomains. For example, this website aka, issued a wildcard SSL certificate on the following subdomains:

SSL certificate authority

A certificate authority or certification authority (CA) is an organization that issues digital certificates (Wikipedia, 2021). This webhosting package installs an SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority. It exists under the auspices of the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). This group provides free SSL/Transport Layer Security (TLS). Over 256 million websites have been secured by Let’s Encrypt, as it is the world’s largest certificate authority (Wikipedia, 2021).

How to install a SSL certificate in Direct Admin step by step

This is the procedure for installing the FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in Direct Admin:

1. Log in to the Webhosting server.

2. Go to Account Manager then SSL Certificates.

3. You will be taken to a page with five options in this sequence at the time of

– Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
– Paste a pre-generated certificate and key.
– Create A Certificate Request.
– Use the best match certificate.
– Create your own self-signed certificate.

4. Click on the option: Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

5. A page will come up with these labels. Do not make any changes:

– Common Name.
– Key size.
– Certificate type.

6. You will then see two columns:

The left side column says:

Selected entries count:
Let’s Encrypt Certificate Entries

7. The right column will contain the names of the URLs in your Webhosting account to which you want the SSL certificate to be applied.

Select all of them and click on SAVE at the lower right hand of the page.
This action will apply the certificate to all of the domains associated with your website.


8. Go to the lower left hand of the same page. You will see:

Force SSL with https redirect

Click on save.
Refresh the page and check the browser. A LOCK should appear in the browser next to the website URL.


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