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Originally posted 2022-05-01 06:00:00.

What is a WordPress theme?

This video provides an introduction to Themes. A theme is a design layout used on the front end of a website.

themes add style to the front-end of websites. Themes vary the appearance of the website and the way in which the content is displayed to visitors (ThemeGrill.Com, 2020).

WordPress theme examples

Examples of WordPress themes include

Music themes.

Newspaper themes.

Directory themes.

Church themes.

Sports themes.

WordPress.org creates specially designed themes that are specially optimized for various features like speed.

I’m using Twenty Twenty One on this website.

This link will take you to the WordPress.org themes.

How to find WordPress themes in WordPress.org

Go to WordPress.org/themes.

Enter the name of the category or theme.

Read the description.

Preview the theme – one limitation is that most themes are not shown on a demo site.

Either download the theme or install it on the website dashboard.


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