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Learn how to install WordPress using Softaculous app installer

How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous App Installer is a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to quickly and easily install WordPress on Direct Admin.

Softaculous is a quick installer and very easy to use. It is integrated into this Direct Admin Webhosting package and will have your website up and running qucicky.

Watch the video to learn more.

Navigating to Softaculous App Installer

1. Log in to the webserver panel on Direct Admin.

2. Go to PLUGINS.

3. Click on WordPress.

4. Go to the blue INSTALL OR INSTALL NOW button.

how to install wordpress using softaculous app installer.

5. Locate the website URL.
Do not enter anything into the block called WP.

6. Add a site description that reflects the topic of the website.

7. Enter Admin login details:

Admin username.
Admin password.
Admin email address.

8. Select the language.

9. Select plugins
– Classic Editor.

10. Advanced Options

Auto upgrade to the latest version available.
Auto upgrade WordPress plugins.
Auto upgrade WordPress themes.
Backup location – default.
Automated backups – weekly or your preference.
Backup rotation – 4 or your preference (keeps the last four backups if four is selected).

10. Select a suitable theme.

11. Click Install.

12. Navigate to the URLs provided for your website.

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