How To Link A Domain Name To A Nameserver

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How To Link A Domain Name To A Nameserver

In How To Link A Domain Name To A Nameserver, you will learn how to link a domain name to the nameservers or the panel.

In order to launch a website online, you would need to connect its domain name (located on the domain name provider), with the website.

The website is located on the panel or server. In this instance, the panel is on Direct Admin.

Note that there are instances in which the company would issue domain names to users.

What is a nameserver?

A nameserver is a website that registers and hosts a domain.

Synonyms in the industry for linking a domain name with a nameserver

There are other terms in the industry that refer to linking a domain name to a nameserver (Hostinger, 2021). These include:

– Setup DNS for website.
– Link domain to hosting.

Step by step instructions for linking or pointing a domain to nameserver

– Login to the domain name server account where you bought the domain name.
– Look for the area called NAME SERVERS.
– Login to the account where your website is hosted.
– Look for the area called ZONE EDITOR or ZONE.
– Under ZONE look for NS or name servers.
– Take the NS1 and NS2 values over to the domain name server account.
– Enter NS1 and NS2 into the dialogue box called NAMESERVERS.
– Click SAVE.
– You’re done.
– It could take from a few minutes to 48 hours for the domain name to propagate in the search engines.
– Meantime, use the DNS Checker tool to determine progress.


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