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About our no cost video lessons for internet marketing

1 is offering over 100 no-cost video lessons to help our valued subscribers. You will find that these video lessons are quick and easy to assimilate. That is if you are willing and ready to learn.

The key advantage is that these internet marketing video lessons will help you to quickly progress and to achieve your goal of setting up and marketing a profitable website.

You’re being given exclusive access to this amazing offer valued at $497.00. Take advantage of this internet marketing course and avoid paying the high costs associated with similar products.

Who are these internet marketing video lessons for?

These videos are specially designed for persons who want to learn how to set up a website in order to start an online business.

Six Pros of the free internet marketing video lessons

1. Gain access to a membership site that will give you 100 video lessons.

2. Perfect for beginners to learn .

3. Learn how to sell any product or service online.

4. Learn how to get visitors or traffic to your website for .

5. Learn about the best online business models for income generation.

6. Learn how to build a list of subscribers from your website.

Four cons of the free internet marketing video lessons

1. Time investment is required.

2. Some people might find it difficult to learn new concepts.

3. Internet marketing requires some work as there are no push-button solutions.

4. It takes some time to build an online business.

no cost video lessons

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What is internet marketing?

Optimizely (2021) defined internet marketing as:

the practice of leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers.

The role of internet marketing is to help you garner new traffic, leads, and sales for your business by reaching people looking for your products and services (Webfx, 2020).

You might be wondering if you need to do internet marketing in order to run an online business from a website. The truth is that every business owner, whether online or offline, needs to spread the message about his or her business. This is necessary in order to bring your products to the attention of interested and buying audiences.

What are 7 other names for internet marketing?

Internet marketing is also known as

Digital marketing.
Online marketing.
Web marketing.
Web advertising.
Online advertising.
Digital advertising.
Internet advertising.

no cost video lessons for internet marketing

What are three benefits of Internet marketing?

1. Internet Marketing can be done for free.

2. Internet Marketing helps website owners to utilize social media channels for promotion.

3. Internet Marketing can be done 24 hours a day without requiring the website owner to be physically present.

What are five Internet marketing strategies?

The following is a list of five internet marketing strategies or examples.

Email marketing.
Content Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing.
Influencer marketing.
Social media marketing.

Believe it or not, most readers are already informally involved to some extent with some of these internet marketing strategies.

For example, you are doing content marketing if you are on a social media site and posting videos, images, text, and other material.

You’re already a micro-influencer if you have a large social media following of hundreds of followers who like and comment on your posts.

If you share your content across one or more social media sites, you’re already doing social media marketing.

When you subscribe to these free internet marketing video lessons, you will learn how to convert these activities into purposeful income generation strategies.

How do customers benefit from your internet marketing activities?

When you set up a niche website, your customers will also benefit from your internet advertising activities. Here’s how:

1. You will be able to reach targeted audiences that are most interested in your offer. You will not waste anyone’s time.

2. When done right, your customers will become loyal to your business and use the products that you offer to them.

no cost video lessons

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What is internet marketing ROI, according to

Internet marketing return on investment or ROI measures profits and/or losses from marketing campaigns. This measurement indicates if the business owner is recouping his or her your money’s worth from marketing campaigns (Lyfe Marketing, 2019).

Statistics should encourage website owners to promote their businesses by one or more online digital marketing strategies. Statista, (2021) reveals that:

– Interest in online content has increased worldwide over the past two decades.
– Digital advertising has become one of the most indispensable marketing tools worldwide.
– Due to its success, advertisers have spent over $290 billion to market their products over the past twenty years.
– Across the globe, companies are rapidly moving from traditional online advertising, partially due to the global health shakedown.
– In a twenty twenty-one market survey, 26% of marketers reported a ROI of three to five dollars for every dollar spent (Statista, 2021).
– In the same report, 9% of marketers reported a return of $20.00 for every dollar spent reached 20 or more dollars.

no cost video lessons

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