WordPress Plugins Tutorial For Beginners

Originally posted 2022-04-17 13:51:38. What are WordPress Plugins? According to WPBeginner, (2022) WordPress plugins are pieces of software that add various functions to a WordPress website. WordPress plugins can either extend the website’s function or add new features. Here are examples of plugins in WordPress: Newsletter plugins. Analytics plugins. Caching plugins.…

How To Install A SSL Certificate On Direct Admin

Originally posted 2021-06-19 15:11:44. Learn how to How To Install A FREE SSL Certificate On Direct Admin This tutorial shows you how to Install A FREE SSL Certificate On Direct Admin. Internet industry standards dictate that all websites should conduct business under certain security standards. Websites that meet these SSL…

Tour Of The Direct Admin Control Panel

Originally posted 2021-06-19 09:13:18. About this tour of the Direct Admin Control Panel Tour of the Direct Admin Control Panel will help you to identify the key resources that are important for managing a website on this platform. Watch the video to learn more.

WordPress Page Templates

Originally posted 2022-04-01 02:41:00. WordPress page templates tutorial WordPress page templates are layouts that customize pages in particular ways. They make it easy to create different types of pages such as landing pages. Watch this video about WordPress page templates to learn more.

WordPress Pages Tutorial

Originally posted 2022-03-26 02:35:00. About WordPress pages WordPress pages refers to content that does not update. Examples of pages include: Terms and conditions. Contact. About. This video goes indepth into how pages in WordPress are configured.

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