Unearthing Longtail Keywords For Your Niche

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Originally posted 2021-07-02 02:58:55.

The rather pesky matter of unearthing longtail keywords for your website niche

This article will discuss the matter of unearthing longtail keywords for your website niche. This process is called or .

The website niche is the content or subject area to be addressed on the site. People around the world are interested in that content.

In order to unearth the information they need, the searchers enter phrases or search terms into their search engine browsers. Those search terms are called KEYWORDS.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of niches and sub-niches.

is important in order to understand the scope of the content and monetization opportunities. It is also important to conduct as the results, commonly called KEYWORDS, give information related to:

– Name of the website.
– Topics to write about.
– Categories for the website.
– Tags for the website.
– Article descriptions.

Why are keywords important to niche websites?

Keywords are phrases that can make or break a . They can make a if searchers can find it in the search engines when they input their search terms into the browser.

To make things worse, it is highly possible that your website could be ostracized by humans and search engine robots if keywords and other content related to the niche are nowhere to be found.

That sad state of affairs, my friends, means no or low traffic, and low or no sales of your products. This is why it is important to spend a little time doing research into the keywords related to the niche before your website is installed.

Other website owners in the same niche could be contending for the same keywords

is important because many other website owners in the same niche could be contending over the same keywords that you are eyeing.

If you dare go after high competition keywords, there will be too much crowing in the WWW. That is why it is usually safer to use low-competition keywords in the content that you write about.

Search engine spiders snoop around to see if your website content reflects the top keywords in the niche

Another thing that preoccupies the minds of webmasters around the world is that savvy search engine companies program search engine robots to kook for specific keywords.

The job of these robots is to take your website content and index it in the search engine’s database. If you have adequate keywords related to your niche, your site will be found over and over again. That is how it can become popular.

This is why it is important to publish keyword-rich, relevant content. This should be done at least once a week or more frequently. Your site’s popularity in the search engines will increase.

These search engine robots will visit your website and snoop around. Therefore, you have to be very careful that you meet certain keyword expectations set by the search engine companies.

The best keywords used on your website should have longtails

Yes, believe it or not, experts in the industry recommend strongly that website owners should use LONGTAIL keywords as opposed to SHORTTAIL keywords.

Friends, we all know that some industries are sort of, you know, umm… off … well this is one of them.

Anyway, as I was saying, before I begin to muse about words with tails, we must use long-tailed keywords.

Longtail keywords are phrases with two or more words. Ideally, the more words the merrier. In other words, rather than using ONE word to describe a niche or a concept, we must use two, or better yet, three or more.

Why? We have to write in the same way that our searchers are typing into the search boxes. For example, let us inspect the BLOGGING niche for the presence of longtail keywords.

Let’s say that you are interested in the BLOGGING niche. Here are some 2021 keywords that searchers typing into their search engines.

My secret source is a very handy niche research software that spat out these findings in a jiffy (I’m still working on how to give you access if possible, without paying much).

Notice that there are no single-word keywords except for the main keyword which is blogging:

These keywords offer great opportunities for ranking in the search engines. However, as you will soon realize, the longer ones are the best for usage.




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When longtail keywords are used, your content is more likely to be found by searchers and by nosy robots

I categorized the results in the previous table by phrase length. The phrase length of the keywords in your blog content is a critical issue. Longer keyword phrases, aka longtail keywords, are highly prized and valued. I’m about to explain why.

Wordstream (2021) experts say that seed keywords (usually single phrases) make u the smallest percentage of all searches.

On the other hand, mid-length keywords make up fifteen to twenty percent of searches. However, longtail keywords comprise about seventy percent of searches.

Therefore, we should really aim to include longer keyword phrases in our post titles and content in order to match the words that people are searching for.

Longtail keywords are less competitive than their dwarf keyword peers

It is a well-known fact that longtail keywords are easier to rank for in search engines. They are also less competitive than their shorter peers since advertisers usually do not bid on them when placing ads (Wordstream, 2021).



unearthing longtail keywords for your niche

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