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h1>What’s that about website niche ideas?

In this tutorial, we will explore the concept of website niche ideas. It is important to understand that your purpose is to provide content on topics that people are searching for. When they search, they type specific phrases called keywords into search engines. These keywords help to define your niche, as specific factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a website topic.

What is a niche?

A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service (Google Dictionary, 2021). It is helpful to construct websites that focus on these specific topics in order to cater to the demands of the market. However, niches can also have sub-niches or micro-niches.

Here are examples of websie niches and sub-niches:


Hair care

Micro or sub niche

Hair care products.
Hair care remedies.
Black hair care tips.
Natural hair care tips.


Skin care

Micro or sub niche

Skin care products.
Skin care for ache.
Natural skin care products.
Skin care for problem skin.

Evergreen website niche ideas

Evergreen website niches are topics that are always popular now and in the future. Examples include:

Diet and Fitness

Seasonal website niche ideas

A seasonal niche is one that trends in a specific period of time or one that is specific to certain times. Examples include:

Black Friday.
Sporting Events

Website niches that make money

Many people ask the question, “” The answer to this question is guided by the industry. There are a variety of tools will guide on selection of the niche that will generate income.

Several guidelines prevail:

Competition in the niche

It is best to select a niche in which the competition is LOW.

Number of people searching for the keywords

There should be adequate numbers of persons searching for keywords related to the niche. Standards vary in the industry on the ideal search volume for a profitable niche.

Some schools of thought recommend that about 1000 – 10,000 persons should be searching for the keywords related to the niche. Searches above 10,000 are felt to be too competitive.

However, you can rest since most niche research tools, or keyword tools, give guidelines on what keywords are suitable for website niches.

In the case of high ticket niches, such as chiropractors, cosmetic surgery, orthodontists, and others, a low search volume would be negligible. This is because one sale or referral could generate a high commission for the publisher.

Amount of income to be earned in the niche

Due to their popularity, some niches generate high earnings for publishers. Examples include email marketing and web hosting.

In the case of display advertising, most experts recommend selecting a niche in which the Cost Per Click (CPC) is $0.80 and above. The reasonable argument is that earnings will be too low if the CPC is low.

However, niches can be considered when the CPC is low but the traffic volume is high. The likelihood of earning more increases when large numbers of people are searching for content in that niche.

Commercial intent of searchers

Commercial intent refers to the likelihood that a person who is searching for a keyword will purchase a product. Some schools of thought postulate that commercial intent is more important than the number of persons searching for a keyword (Backlinko, 2019).

Commercial intent is rated from zero to one hundred. The likelihood of a sale increases when the commercial intent is high. This metric should therefore be taken into consideration when is being done.

Backlinko (2019) shows that BUYER keywords determine commercial internet. A savvy website owner who includes these words on a website can enhance commercial intent. Examples include:


How to.
Ways to.
I need to.
Best way to.




top 10.
Specific product.
Product category.
Specific brand names.


These are directed to seekers:

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Website Niche Ideas Tutorial

Best website niches 2021

Several sources have compiled helpful lists of the best website niches for 2921. However, essential in order to determine if the niche meets the industry standards for your website.

These resources help determine niche/keyword profitability:

Google keyword tool. A future post will provide a tutorial.

Use Google’s Revenue Calculator to determine potential revenue from various broad niches or categories.

40 Top Niche Site Ideas for Your Blog for 2021 (Rated 1 to 10)

Website niche directories

Website niche directories are websites that list other websites in various niches. Website owners can create niche directories as a source of income. However, if you choose to monetize with Google Adsense, the company prefers unique, content-rich, regularly updating sites like blogs and forums.

Website niche directories can also give ideas about niches on the market. One can also submit one’s to these directories for advertisement purposes.

Here are sources:

18 types of directory websites to make money in 2021.

Premade niche websites

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Core FTP Tutorial.

website niche ideas tutorial

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